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Adjustable Ground Screw with Flange



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Adjustable Ground Screw With Flange


Wall Thickness:3.0mm/3.5mm/4.0mm

Flange Diameter:200mm/220mm

Length:1200mm/1600mm/1800mm/2000mm/2500mm(1200mm-4000mm length are available)

Material:Carbon Steel-Q235

Anti-corrosive:Hot-dip Galvanizing,90μm.



Speed of installation, the construction time for a the ground screw foundation is 1-3 days;

Foundation construction is possible on complex and unstable soils, including on marshy, flooded and clay soils;

Long service life, with a proper operation, the life of the screw foundation is more than 100 years;

The installation of the foundation on ground screws does not change the natural landscape and does not have a negative impact on environment;

installation is possible on hard to reach places and even on slopes;

This foundation can be installed at any season of year and in all weather conditions;

Screw piles have a high bearing capacity.

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