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Galvanized C shaped Steel Ground Mounting System Solution
The carbon steel bracket system is suitable for a wide horizontal floor. The supporting system adopts hot-dip galvanized carbon steel material, so the overall stability of the bracket is strong, and the wind and snow resistance is strong. For different foundation solutions, the bracket system can be fixed to the cement foundation by means of pre-embedded anchor bolts, or it can be fixed directly to the ground by spiral piles. The system is flexible in design, diverse in structure and wide in scope.
Technical paramete

Maximum wind resistance: 52m/s

Maximum snow resistance: 1.5KN/m2

Span range: 0.6-3.2m

System installation angle deviation: ± 2 °

Design standard: AS/NZS1170 ASCE 7-05 DIN1044

GB50797-2012 GB 50017-2003 Steel structure design 

Specifications, etc.

Performance parameter

Installation site: flat roof or level ground

Body material: Q235B

Fastener material: SUS304 or hot-dip galvanized steel

Applicable components: framed or frameless

Applicable arrangement: vertical or horizontal

Warranty period: 10 years

Product Features

  • Strong compatibility
    The carbon steel bracket system can meet the installation requirements of different specifications of PV modules. At the same time, it is compatible with the different arrangement of components.
  • Safe and reliable
    The carbon steel bracket system mainly uses hot-dip galvanized carbon steel material to effectively prevent corrosion and oxidation. The overall structure of the bracket is stable, wind-resistant, snow-resistant, and shock-resistant, and has safe and reliable characteristics.
  • Low price
    The carbon steel bracket main body material is made of hot-dip galvanized carbon steel, and the price is much better than the traditional aluminum alloy.

Installation instructions

Step1: Install carbon steel tripod

Fix the base on the cement foundation with the bolts embedded. Figure 1 (left); will be fixed to the stringer with hinge joints. And install the stringer to the base. As shown in Figure 2, Figure 3 (middle two figures); the rear support is mounted on the hinge joint and the base. As shown in Figure 4 (right).

1.jpg 1.jpg1.jpg

Step2: Mounting beam

Place the beam opening up on the longitudinal beam of the bracket, adjust the size distance, and fix the rail to the stringer with M10*25 bolts and plastic wing nuts. Figure 5, Figure 6


If the track length is not enough, you can use a rail connector and 4 sets of M10*25 bolts to connect the multiple rails together. Figure 7


Step3: Installation component

The components are tiled on the rails and the solar panels are installed in a designed position, secured by side clamp assemblies and medium pressure block assemblies. As shown below


Case show

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