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A Creative Solar Greenhouse for Crops

Time:2020-12-10 10:09:26 View:251

A Creative Solar Greenhouse for Crops



Canadian Scientists created a small solar greenhouse for fruits and vegetables that is heated and powered entirely by solar energy.The rooftop PV system is not connected to the grid, but is linked to four batteries with a total capacity of 5.56 kWh.

 small green house_副本.jpg

The internal dimension of greenhouse is 3 meters by 6 meters,Rooftop PV system was built with six panels, using L-Feet Mounting Solution,with power outputs of 165 W. The scientists claim that a family of three to four people could use it to grow their own produce throughout the year.,the PV system to enable the operation of all greenhouse equipment for three days during periods of cloudy weather. 



Designers estimated the total cost for this Solar Greenhouse to be US$20,000.00,including all of the materials needed for construction, as well as various mechanical and electrical components needed for its operation.About the cost for Solar Mounting Structure,it accounts for less than 1% of the total cost.

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